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Having a Wardrobe Restyle, Colour Analysis, Personal Shop or Style Party with me is an investment in yourself.  Read about what these options involve below to see if it's something you would be interested in.


Many of us are guilty of opening the wardrobe and feeling we have nothing to wear or feeling overwhelmed.  I can help you to:

  • discover your personal style and body shape to see what clothes and colours work best for you and flatter you

  • rediscover clothes you already have, perhaps pairing some items together which you wouldn’t have thought of before

  • style some outfits, updating them a little and giving the outfit a fresher look

  • photograph outfits so that you can refer to them at a later date and saving you time each morning

  • have a clear out and get rid of some items that just don't work for you

  • ensure your clothes are stored conveniently so they are easily accessible to you each day

  • know what one or two items to look out for the next time you’re shopping.  This is a way to reduce the temptation to go down the route of “fast fashion” – if you know what you are looking for, you won’t be tempted to go for the quick fix. ​

£120 for approx. 3 hours (can vary depending on size of wardrobe)



There are some colours which just work better for us than others.  Simple as that. 

Depending on our skin tone, hair and eye colour there are certain colours and tones which will help to make us look more radiant and healthy. 


A colour analysis involves using colour drapes to find what colour and tones work best for you.  In time this means that when you are next shopping or are looking for a specific outfit, you will be a more savvy shopper as you will know what works for you and those to avoid as they don’t - ultimately saving you money and time.

£80 for approx. 2 hours (includes Personal Colour Report )



If you find shopping sometimes overwhelming, or you need a steer to find an outfit for a special occasion, a personal shopping experience could be what you need. 

In advance of the session, we will speak about what it is you are looking for, what you want out of the shopping experience and your budget.  We will speak about what style, colours and shops you are usually drawn to. 


Based on this, we'll hit the shops - virtually or online!  I'll guide you to where is best to shop for your style, what styles to look out for and make best use of your time and money when shopping.  

We will come away with some lovely new outfits and/or accessories.

Starting from £80 for approx. 2 hours.  This can be tailored to your needs.



Would you like some help in rediscovering your style?  Are you unsure of what suits your lifestyle and your personality?  Perhaps you struggle knowing what compliments your body shape and you tend to just reach for the same clothes most days.  

I can help you redefine your style and show you how best to dress for your shape and lifestyle.  I will offer advice on your body shape, guiding you to what might suit you best.  

This service can be done in person or online.  You will receive your Personal Style Report with suggestions of outfits and ideas which you can consider when looking at your wardrobe or when you are next shopping.

£80 for 2 hours.


How about a fun evening with friends learning about colour palettes, style personalities and body shapes?  Perhaps there are one or two items of clothing you feel you need help with styling?  In the comfort of your home, I can help you learn about these topics and more.   

A Style Party can be a fun alternative to a night out and can be tailored to what you and your friends want from the evening.  As the host, you will get £30 off any future services if you book within 6 months of the Style Party.  Get in contact and we can chat more.  

£30 per person usually approx. 3 hours (3-6 people works best)

If any of these services sound like they might be of interest to you, just drop me a line in the chat box and we can have a no obligation chat to see if you'd like to work together.  Perhaps it's something you'd like to buy as a gift for someone?  I also offer gift vouchers for any of my services.


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