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Welcome to Style Galore with Lou

My name is Lou Lawton and I'm a Personal Stylist based in Bristol.

I help busy women who want help elevating their style or who feel like they have lost their way when it comes to their style.  I help my clients find their style identity again so that they feel happy and confident when getting dressed each day.  


I also work as a radiographer in the NHS and see everyday how precious our health and life is.  I want to guide you to no longer feel invisible, to be able to live life and be the best version of yourself (as cheesey as that sounds!).  

It can be so confusing and overwhelming when trying to establish what your signature style is but I can help you identify your style - one which works with your lifestyle, your personality and one which you love.  How you dress and present yourself is something you can control and be in charge of.  So, if you've felt a bit lost recently, let's change that and get some enjoyment back into your wardrobe.


I can show you that your wardrobe does in fact have plenty of clothes which you can wear by showing you different ways to style your existing pieces.  I can guide you towards colours which are naturally flattering, giving you a boost and spring in your step.  This will also help you to be a more savvy shopper, saving you time AND money in the future.

I can help you achieve these things by my Wardrobe Restyle, Colour Analysis and Personal Shopping Services.  

If you'd like to hear more, check out my Services page and fill in the contact form below and we can have a no obligation chat to see if you would like us to work together.

Flat lay of clothes - jeans, a jumper, boots and a belt

100% recommend!! I was skeptical about what a wardrobe consultation could do for me but it was such a useful and positive experience. Lou was so kind and patient with me, making sure I felt comfortable and respecting my pace.


We made a list of items that may be good to shop for based on her recommendations and my liking and she helped me declutter some unflattering clothes that I was hanging onto for too long It's helped me regain confidence in myself after a rough patch in my life where I had stopped caring about how I looked. 

Ana - April 2022


Louise Lawton

Style Galore with Lou

Bristol, UK

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