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Have you signed up to your "8 Step Guide to Feeling More Stylish at the School Gates" yet?

A little bit about me.....

My name is Louise Lawton and I’m a Personal Stylist based in Bristol. 

About 7 years ago, I had a wardrobe consultation.  I was on maternity leave and had come to a point where I wore the same things, despite having plenty to choose from in my wardrobe.  I desperately wanted to look more put together and so enlisted the help of a wonderful Personal Stylist to help me rediscover "me".  I soon felt more confident to try new styles and wear clothes I already had, but in a different way.

I have always loved clothes and style - something I got from my Mum and grandmother - and in 2022 I decided to follow my heart and trained as a Personal Stylist.  I continue to work in the NHS as a radiographer.


Now, having trained as a CPD accredited Personal Stylist, I want to enable you to also feel this sense of pride in how you look.  Life is too short to not feel happy, confident and proud of how we look.  We are often very good at putting others first but it's crucial that we feel positive and self-assured of who we are so that we can be our true selves.  A wise woman once told me "self care is not selfish care".

As a working woman and Mum, I know that daily life can be hectic.  So having a good sense of which colours work and your signature style can make getting dressed one less decision to make in the mornings.  


I can help you rediscover what style you feel comfortable in, as well as which colours are best for you. Drop me a message if you’d like a complimentary chat to see how we could work together.

A personal stylist with curly hair leaning against a clothes rail in a department store.
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