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Flowers laid on gift vouchers

Gift Certificate


Struggling to think of what to get that someone special?  Gift certificates are the perfect option - a way to gift a fun experience while learning about style and gaining confidence.  Gift certificates can be used against a Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Restyle or Personal Shopping experience.  They can be bought to suit any budget (minimum spend £50).  Certificates are valid for 1 year following purchase.  Terms & Conditions apply.

Simply click the button below to fill in your details and I can arrange getting the certificate to you or the recipient.


“I needed someone to help me find my own style. I felt I was stuck copying what I though looked good on other people, but I didn’t feel I had my own style.  I was trying to lose weight and struggling with it so felt like everything looked bad on me. I also needed a bit of a clearout so needed to be told what wasn’t so good on me so that I could let go and get rid!  I’ve had lots of compliments on clothes since Lou sorted my wardrobe because I now only wear clothes that suit my body shape and colouring and I am staying true to my own style which suits me. I’m feeling more confident to try new looks because they suit my style, rather than waiting to see what my friends are wearing and copying them.  You really made me feel better about myself. My self confidence has grown since your consultation and I’m much happier in my own skin because I can now choose clothes that I know I look good in.”

Beth – September 2023.

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