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a personal stylist surrounded with colour swatches, colour wheel and laptop for doing a virtual colour analysis.

Here's what several ladies have had to say.....


“I needed someone to help me find my own style. I felt I was stuck copying what I

though looked good on other people, but I didn’t feel I had my own style.  [I've been] struggling with body image. I was trying to lose weight and struggling with it so felt like everything looked bad on me. I also needed a bit of a clearout so needed to be told what wasn’t so good on me so that I could let go and get rid!  I’ve had lots of compliments on clothes since Lou sorted my wardrobe because I now only wear clothes that suit my body shape and colouring and I am staying true to my own style which suits me. I’m feeling more confident to try new looks because they suit my style, rather than waiting to see what my friends are wearing and copying them.  You really made me feel better about myself. My self confidence has grown since your consultation and I’m much happier in my own skin because I can now choose clothes that I know I look good in.” 

Beth – September 2023.







In the last few years I have become a Granny and spent much time looking after my parents. Lockdowns took away the chance of browsing shops at leisure so some of my wardrobe was looking very tired. I needed someone honest to edit it and send me off with an idea of new things to buy.  My loved ones like the bold colours I have purchased! 

When I went shopping, I felt confident, receiving more attention and help from shop staff than I experience. Perhaps this because I was wearing one of your suggested outfits? 

Julie - May 2023

Lou’s wardrobe edit session was amazing! She put me at ease straight away and thoughtfully guided me through the mountain of clothes I had accumulated, so we were able to create a wardrobe of items that a) actually fitted and b) I would get maximum wear from. She has a natural flair for styling pieces together and had so many great suggestions of what suited me, taking into account my typical weekly schedule and budget. I highly recommend Lou, she was fab. 

Aisling - March 2023

If you fancy a change, a helping hand or just don’t know where to start she’s the one….. extremely professional, knowledgeable and stylish in nature.  Two pregnancies (3 kids!) and a lack of time and effort on my part required a lot of work and patience to get through my wardrobe.  The guidance of Style Galore with Lou has resulted in a new found confidence, a firm shopping list and excitement for looking fabulous.  Simply can’t thank her enough xx. 

Lou - May 2022

100% recommend!!  I was sceptical about what a wardrobe consultation could do for me but it was such a useful and positive experience.  Lou was so kind and patient with me, making sure I felt comfortable and respecting my pace.  We went through all of my clothes and she helped me put together pieces I wouldn’t have thought of combining before and we took pictures for future reference, so useful.  We went through colour palettes and styles so I could see what I could achieve.  She also gave me great tips specifically for my body shape.  Finally we made a list of items that may be good to shop for based on her recommendations and my liking ad she helped me declutter some unflattering clothes that I was hanging onto for too long.  It’s helped me regain confidence in myself after a rough patch in my life where I had stopped caring about how I looked.  Forever grateful to Lou!   

Ana – April 2022.


Just finished a personal shop with Lou. She was amazing. Put me at ease straight away. Quickly managed to understand my vague brief and got me to really focus on what I actually really needed.  She is excellent at making style suggestions that gently push your comfort zone, whilst always keeping your needs at the core. I came home with a fabulous outfit within budget that made me feel very stylish. Thank you so much Lou.

Beezy – March 2023


I have very little self-confidence in choosing my clothes and feeling confident and comfortable especially when trying to alter styles slightly or introducing new colours.  Recently I have been so busy with one thing and another I started to feel like I was throwing on the same old things every day and not making an effort in my appearance.  I first learnt about your line of work when you were describing a styling course to me and thought I could really use some advice but it took a while to go for it.  I had a graduation dinner to attend the week after you came to advise me on
colours.  When shopping for a new outfit, I only looked for colours and styles which we discussed would suit me best. I ended up wearing a teal coloured top with some added sparkle and I had several positive comments on how my top was gorgeous and brought out the colour in my eyes.  I have more confidence when I know a colour looks good on me, I think I may have been a little more chatty and loud at dinner (sorry to my poor classmates)!  I think I need you back for styling for shape at some point.  It was a much more complicated process than I would have thought. It was very interesting that my Mum and myself ended up on totally different seasons and tones. It was so nice to receive the sample booklet of colours afterwards, it is very handy to take shopping (which I have done already), and there is a variation of most colours if you wanted to, for example, match a top to an existing pair of shoes.  

                              Emily - September 2023





The session, having a neutral colour analysisg and trying on items of clothes afterwards, was really helpful.  More than anything I felt that our session with Lou has given me confidence in relation to both my current wardrobe and when shopping for clothes in the future  Not knowing what’s “right” when it comes to clothes was a big thing for me.  It showed me what to look for when looking at different colours the effect that the colours can have have and left me feeling empowered about what feels right for me.

Ellie – Nov 2022


I loved the style party with Lou.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I came away with lots of information and wanting to learn more.  I’ve always loved clothing but never really thought much more than, I like this or I don’t like that, and never considered why.  The brief introduction to colour analysis and discussion around style personality has opened a whole new world.  It’s got me thinking about the clothes I have and the colours I wear.  We also had the opportunity to look at a few items of our own clothing, the first item I loved but really wasn’t sure how to wear it, and Lou had some great ideas, now I can’t stop wearing it.  The other item, I really didn’t like wearing, Lou encouraged me to understand why, which was hugely beneficial.  Thank you Lou. 

Laura – Nov 2022


It was a really good evening.  Even though I’ve done something similar (quite a few years ago now) you still taught me new things.  And reminded me of some things I’d forgotten!

Jo – Oct 2022


Yes I do now know some really useful things about my shape and therefore some things to avoid…. it was fun, really sociable and a great evening.  Fabulous evening, really fun and informative. Very well done.

Vicky – Oct 2022

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